EDItran solves the needs for authentication, confidentiality and non rejection of the data that are moved through transmission public networks. This is made using chryptography algorithms implemented in a set of products developed by Indra, and grouped in a family named EDItran/SC.

EDItran/SC guarantees the security of electronic communications through the following modules:

1-Criptolib/DES. Chryptography for DES symetric keys

Sofware module providing chryptography services DES and TDES.

For EDItran mainframe environment, you can use the chryptography services DES by ICSF (IBM hardware chryptography) through the EDItran API, developed for this purpose.

2-Criptolib/RSA. Chryptography for asymetric keys RSA

Software module providing RSA chryptography services, and that makes possible the authentication of extreme nodes and the non rejection of data.

It is used for the encryption, with a public key, of the DES or TDES keys used for cyphering data. It also verifies these data using the corresponding pair of keys, both public and private.

3-EDItran/CD. Digital certificates (PKI)

This module provides RSA chryptography services based on the digital certificates integrated in a PKI infrastructure.

It manages the digital certificates from servers that are generated by certification authorities for companies and organisms using EDItran. It controls the storage of certificates, using them for executing the authentication procedures when the conecction of the servers where EDItran runs is made.

Upon connection, EDItran/P modules will exchange the certificates of the server, rejecting the connection if they are not recognized as valid certificates.

It also serves the EDItran/FF module for file signing, generating an electronic signature (PKCS#7 and XAdES-BES), and also verifying it, checking the certification chain, and the revoked lists (CRL´s). It also makes functions of chryptographic encryption.

4-EDItran/GC. Exchange keys management.

This tool is used for the secure exchange of DES and TDES symetric keys and RSA public keys.

Version 3.0 for external key exchange requires that both extreme nodes send to each other the keys to be used later by EDItran.

The keys to be used in EDItran transmissions are exchanged, encrypted through RSA algorithm, with the public key of the remote extreme node, and they are signed with the private key. This way, their confidentiality and non rejection are assured. This module facilitates the storage management of these keys, and also the generation and control for further versions.

5-EDItran/NRC. Full reference number.

It is used as payment authentication, and also for those financial movements made by banking entities that need to be validated by the Tax Agency.

The Tax Agency generates a DES key (with two components) and sends it to the banking entity used for the obtention of the NRC. This NRC is attached to the operations made by taxpayers in that bank, and it is a way of proving the payment of the corresponding tax.