Transactional module
It provides services for the electronic data exchange, using interactive procedures, among heterogeneous informatic systems, according to the model client/server.

The module significantly maximizes EDITRAN functionality, oriented so far exclusively to the implantation of EDI solutions for exchange delayed. This is because the files containing the data of the operations to be notificated, which are generated by the companies information systems, are transmitted after the moment when the commercial transaction is materialized.

The module uses the services provided by EDITRAN/P for the stablishment of the connection, for the release of the transmission circuits, for the control of their availability, for the send and reception of the communication messages, etc.

EDITRAN/TR operates in two modes: one as a client and the other one as a server.

Server extreme node

In server mode, it allows setting an application in a computer so it works as a server for data from client remote applications, with the following functions:
  • It boots the application when a data from a remote node is received, and passes it to the message.
  • It sends the answering message, generated by the server application, to the remote extreme node.

Client extreme node

In client mode, it sets the application as a process request generator, with the following functions:
  • Connection with the remote server application.
  • Send of a message from the client or remote application.
  • Reception of messages from the remote server application, as an answer to previous requests.
  • Disconnection from the remote server application.