Communication module
It gives the platform a communication protocol for the session level, to guarantee a reliable and optimal data exchange.

The functions on which this module is responsible are the following:
  • Stablishment of the session with each remote extreme node.
  • Authentication of the extreme node to connect with, through the verification of its profile and the platform chyrptographic services.
  • Verification of the transmission parameters of each extreme node.
  • Control of the message flow.
  • Control of the data integrity, using CRC algorithms.
  • Possibility of using a compression algorithm, in order to improve the use of the bandwidth for the connection.
  • Management of the malfunction of the line, retrying the stablishment of sessions.
  • Stablishment of synchronism points in the transmission, in order to recover messages.
  • Restarting of the transmission from the point before the last interruption, thus using the time and resources spent before the malfunction of the connection.
  • Multiple concurrent exchanges, in both directions, and with several target centers or applications.
  • Notification of interruptions, in case the connection cannot be recovered.
  • Notification of the starting and ending of the transmission.
  • Tracing of the sent and received messages.
  • Log where are registered the system events.
  • Graphic interface to manage and monitor the evolution of the transmissions.
  • Dialog with EDITRAN/G.