Signature and file signature control
EDITRAN/FF is an application that includes all the operations required for the signing and verification of the file signature before and after they are exchanged.

It incorporates the signature workflow needed to validate the set of files to be presented, and the needed controls to verify those signatures in their destination.

Regarding the users who are responsible for signing payments to be made by companies, entities and public organisms (treasurers, financial managers, assignees, interventors, etc.), it allows them to exchange data according to the established legal framework.

This module will allow signing, with the corresponding digital certificate emitted by a CA (certification authority) for a natural person, the files containing the electronic documents with the payment orders, debits, receipts, etc. (for example AEB19, AEB34, AEB43, Confirming, AEB58, AEB60 etc.).

To display the files to be signed, there is a set of optional modules that deal with different types of documents (Word and Excel documents, AEB rules, etc.) to display their content in a readable way. The specific files for a specific client are implemented upon user request, as the funds file for they payment of agricultural guarantee (MAPA).

It is integrated with EDITRAN/G and it avoids the sending of files if the signature specifications don't meet the specified conditions (persons that must sign, mandatory and optional number of signatures, etc).